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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is it normal to have gaps in my floor in between the boards?  

Answer: If you have a solid wood floor, this is normal.  Laminate and engineered products should have very little movement.
 Please click this link for more information and literature.

Is there such a thing as "dustless sanding?"  

In a word, no.  Dust containment systems have made sanding hardwood floors less dusty, but in the end there will always be some amount of dust.  Floor companies that sell a job as "dustless" will charge extra for it, and in the end will do some light cleaning to get rid of any residual dust.  In most cases, the homeowner would rather save themselves the money and do a little cleaning themselves, but the option to have your house completely dust free upon your return is still there.

What kind of finishes do you use?  

Answer: I typically like to use oil-based (polyurethane) sealers and second coats.  If a customer requests water based sealers, I can accommodate this.  Water based finishes are less odorous and dry faster, however I like the color oil-based products give, as well as the build (thickness) away from the grain they attain.  I use a water based topcoat for protection and durability.

I bought some pre-finished or laminate flooring on special, can I get a bid to have you install that?  

Answer: Of course!  I can install materials that you supply or I can supply them for you!  Either way, contact me to give you a bid.

Question: What maintenance and cleaner do you recommend after the floor is done?  

Answer: There are a few steps to properly maintain your floors.  On a daily basis you should dust mop or sweep it.  Small grit is all over your floor, you just can't see it.  This grit is what will slowly wear away at your finish.  Also, spills and food should be wiped up immediately.  As needed, clean your floors with Basic's floor cleaning system.  It includes a mop with a cleaner.  This cleaner is compatible with the finish used on your floor and will not cause problems down the road when it's time to re-coat your floor.  This, as well as refills for the cleaner, can be purchased at Johnson Madison Lumber in Great Falls.  Do not use any other cleaners or restoration chemicals as they can leave an invisible residue on your floor which causes adhesion problems for another coat of finish.  Never polish or wax your floors.  Make sure that all surfaces in contact with your floor have felt pads on them, and never drag or slide furniture across your floors.  

Aside from cleaning, what else do I need to do to maintain my floor?  

Floors can be screened with a buffer and re-coated to remove surface scratches and restore shine.  This should be done before there are any spots that have worn down to the wood. View more literature and information regarding hardwood floor re-coating.

When can I put furniture and rugs back on my floor?  

Furniture may be gently placed back on the floor 2-3 days after the final coat.  Some very important information on rugs can be found here:

Links and Resources:

Custom Wood Flooring Blog - Visit our projects blog to see and read about what recent installations we have been busy working on.

Intermountain Wood Products - A supplier of a variety of wood flooring products, serving the entire NW region.  

Clarke American Sanders - Clarke American Sanders remains the worldwide leader in the design and production of wood floor sanders and edgers for the professional contractor as well as the do-it-yourselfer.

Oneida Air Systems - We are dedicated to the innovative design of industrial grade dust collection systems that help create a safe, healthy, and practical workplace environment.

Basic Finishes - Whether it's a gym floor, a restaurant, a mall, or your own living room, if there is a beautiful hardwood floor, there's a good chance that it is finished with coatings from Basic® Coatings.

Duraseal - Our product line includes stains with a high solids content, for deep color and exceptional sealing action, and transparent finishes which can withstand brutal wear and punishment. 

Glitsa - Rudd Company has been producing Glitsa brand finishes in the USA for over 50 years. We produce proven quality finishes that enhance the natural beauty while providing the best protection to your wood floor.

Boise Web Design - Thrive Web Designs specializes in beautiful and professional websites for small businesses locally and nationwide.

If you think your business would make a great fit for our links and resources page, contact us today.

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